By: Randall L. Carpenter on Sunday, 07 November 2021

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Need a Little Prayer

On October 18th, I had knee surgery that went well, but after the surgery, I began bleeding into my knee joint due to restarting my blood thinners. Before we could get the bleeding stopped, my entire knee joint filled with blood and the pain has been almost unbearable. Removing the blood by aspiration could not be done due to the thickness of the old blood. I must endure the pain until my body absorbs the blood pocketed in my knee and there’s no telling how long that will take. I write to ask for prayers, but also to tell anyone else who is suffering any pain like this, I understand better now what you go through and admire you greatly. My prayers each day have included all of you, as well as, my own situation. God loves us and our pain is His pain as well.


  • Laura Derr says:

    Cheryl shared your situation with us yesterday at the Ladies Expo book sale. I can’t imagine what you have suffered. I am praying the process of healing takes places quickly. You are on my heart.

  • I am sorry this happened to you and I am praying you begin to heal quickly and that your pain subsides quickly as well.

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