By: Jim Hartsell on Tuesday, 05 March 2019

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My Masochistic Ritual

I was performing my regular masochistic ritual of checking my book sales the other day and when I pulled up my Amazon author’s page, I found this listing for my first children’s book, “The Mountain Climber” (note the price): 

The details are more than a little convoluted, but this particular book is in limbo right now and yesterday was listed (correctly) as out of print. When I checked later that day it was back to that listing, so either someone who had a used copy sold it and made more money with one sale than I have in my entire writing career, or Amazon discovered a scam and removed it.

In any case, I had the momentary experience of having one of my books, an out of print children’s book from several years ago, listed at an exorbitant price on Amazon. In a way, I hope the seller was legit and found a buyer with lots of disposable income. I write because I love it and for the occasional pleasure of having a reader tell me how much they enjoyed my work; if someone could score a windfall of that size from a $15 book, I applaud their entrepeneurship and incredible stroke of luck.

Not that I would turn down a percentage if it were offered.


  • Carol McClain says:

    I can’t get Amazon to remove the scams. My out-of-print books don’t sell quite as high as yours. Someone said these are used for money laundering.

  • Cyn Taylor says:

    This happened to me as well. There were three sellers doing this. I was able to get the sellers to take down the offer by contacting them directly and copying and pasting the Amazon rules in an email to them but it took quite the fight. Amazon was no help at all. I do believe this is some kind of scam.

  • Kaye George says:

    How funny! Maybe that will happen to my series that I’m taking back from the publisher when it’s in limbo. Kind of exciting to think of getting that much for one book. 🙂

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