By: Randall L. Carpenter on Wednesday, 20 October 2021

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Inspirational Writing for October 20, 2021

Ten years ago today, I had open-heart surgery that saved my life. While recovering in the hospital, I asked God to show me what I could do to thank Him for saving me? On July 4, 2014, He placed on my heart the vision of writing something inspirational every day that might touch someone’s heart. Since then, I have written 2724 inspirational thoughts and published seven books. All of you have been a part of this fulfillment of my promise to God. Thank you for allowing me to speak to you every day.


  • Laura Derr says:

    Thank you! I have found much to chew on in your daily messages. In the summer of 2020, my husband Tom had open heart surgery. We appreciate how this experience can transform your life.

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