By: Susan Kite on Thursday, 02 May 2019

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Great News!

Thought I would finally post my good news.

  1. I have had my kid’s story, The Legend of Billy Bob Flybottom picked up by Doodle and Peck, a publisher of picture books and other kids and young adult fiction. Excited, but picture books don’t get published quickly. It will be a couple of years.
  2. I was invited to be a participating author in the Oklahoma Book Festival in September, highlighting Realms of the Cat.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing articles for the Historic Union County Newspaper. It’s a good stretch writing essays instead of fiction. I appreciate whoever did the legwork for that one. I am enjoying Tilmer’s articles, too. Great stuff!



  • tilmerwright says:

    That definitely is great news! RotC is excellent. Best of luck with that book at the festival and congratulations on the deal with Doodle and Peck!

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