By: Danielle Asher on Friday, 19 April 2019

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Friendships And Opportunities

Friendships And Opportunities

Getting involved in the Authors Guild of Tennessee has given me new friendships, opportunities and options.
We members are comfortable emailing or calling each other about anything that concerns or entertains us. We share requests for encouragement, such as when we’re promoting our books, and for prayer, such as when health issues arise.
At the first meeting I attended, I elected to be on the Library Committee. I thought I’d just sit there quietly until I figured out the lay of the land. I also figured, if I can single-handedly alphabetize my spice rack, I can maintain control of a pile of books. But I underestimated the time, focus and energy required to keep the Library Committee running, and am grateful to other members for stepping up.
Luckily, another member said they needed someone to find events where we could show and sell our works, and organize participation at these events. I do that for my book all the time anyway! Being Events Coordinator is definitely in my comfort zone while stretching my boundaries to include all members. I’m helping others as I keep doing what I was doing all along.
It’s blessedly satisfying and has opened up myriad options, a dizzying variety of events and locations. Coming soon to a festival near you!


  • Cheryl Peyton says:

    We all appreciate how you took on this responsibility and ran with it. We’ve never had so many opportunities to sell our books directly to the public. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the job as you’ve made it fun for all of us.

    Thank you for your hard work and enthusiasm.

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