By: Danielle Asher on Tuesday, 16 April 2019

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Event Commitment Policies

Event Commitment Policies

Events Coordinator (EC) shall email details of potential book signing events to all AGT members. Event information and deadlines shall also be posted on the AGT website by EC.

Each author shall determine if his or her book(s) would sell well at any particular event. Each author shall reply via email to EC, expressing “Interest” and maximum fee he or she would prefer to pay. An author’s lack of email response shall indicate lack of interest or inability to attend events and need not be clarified with an email.

If enough authors indicate interest in an event, cost per author shall be calculated by EC and emailed to interested authors. That is the time to indicate Commitment, as each event has a deadline for application as well as for payment. EC shall not send multiple emails concerning any event.

If circumstances dictate non-attendance at an event for which the member expressed Commitment, member shall pay his or her share or find an AGT member to be his or her replacement. Non-attendance decisions shall be emailed to EC and to Treasurer.

Before requesting payment from Committed authors, Treasurer and EC shall verify that all Committed authors are included and that non-attendees are excluded. Treasurer shall collect payments from Committed authors.

Treasurer shall notify EC that payments have been sent to secure AGT’s presence at events but, as money does not come to or through EC, EC shall not be involved in authors’ payment details or decisions.

No returns of fees after the deadline.

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