By: Sam Bledsoe on Wednesday, 05 December 2018

A Special Offer from Tilmer Wright

Tilmer ran a free promotion for 3 days on the Kindle version of The Bit Dance for our members. From Friday the 23rd through Sunday the 25th, the book was free on Amazon. He asked our members to do him a favor by downloading a copy and that we share it with anyone we thought might like to read a fun story. As always, he asked for reviews. Let’s hope it was a successful promotion and that he will share the results with us.


  • Tilmer Wright says:

    I didn’t get the results I had hoped for with regard to downloads. I publicized on Facebook and Twitter. I also registered the giveaway on a couple of web sites that specialize in broadcasting free Kindle books. I only got a total of 62 downloads for the entire weekend. So far, I have noticed one single new review on Amazon. Hopefully, more will come.

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