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Literary Memoirs

It was cold and wet the day a 14 year old boy, hunting with his beloved grandfather, found an abandoned infant girl who had been thrown over a barbed-wire fence into the briers and underbrush alongside a desolate Wayne County, Indiana road. Wrapped in a towel, discarded like trash, infested with maggots and hidden deeply in the weeds, she was left to suffer a cruel death. This defenseless creation of a loving God was sentenced to die like so many others are today – not for crimes or deformity, but for convenience. She would have surely died that day had the hand of God not spared her life by leading Dave Hickman to her intended grave site. His quest to find her again would be a decades long pursuit, an emotional and spiritual endeavor.

ISBN: 978-1498468787

Available as ebook/paperback

Paper Price: $12.99 Ebook $6.99

Book Page Count: 134

Book size: 5.5 x 8.5

Gale Frances And the angels Cried on Amazon

also on Barnes and Noble.com, iBooks – Apple & www.andtheangelcried.com

As I entered the hotel lobby, a grenade exploded, shattering glass everywhere. An employee shoved me into a hall closet and locked the door.

Eager to taste adventure at age 23, Bobbi Wolverton became an international flight attendant in 1965. It was a more innocent and glamorous time of travel, when passengers dressed formally, smoking was permitted, and the captain allowed in-flight visits to the cockpit.

But there was another side to her profession. It was also hard, sometimes unglamorous, and often dangerous work.

In this memoir, Bobbi shares fascinating true tales that shocked her friends and parents.

Harrowing landings in bad weather.

Unruly passengers.

Sexual escapades.

Babies born during flight.

Terrifying episodes in war zones.

Stories are often set in such exotic locales as Vietnam, Japan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, France, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, and Egypt.

Behind the Smile takes us on a roller coaster ride of laughter and drama, giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the joys and heartaches of working in the airline industry during its most glamorous era.

Available in: paperback (5-1/2×8-1/2, 219 pages) $14.95

My book is also available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, Nook, and as an audio.  

Library and stores can order from Baker & Taylor.

Excerpt from Behind the Smile


I give book presentations on Behind the Smile, if you are interested in a presentation do contact me.


Behind the Smile       BOOK PRESENTATIONS         2015

As of 4/6/15 Confirmed and Pending dates:



January 15, 2015.  Thursday.                                     Beverly Hills Women’s Club, Southern California.  Noon.

January 20, 2015.  Tuesday.                                      Disabled American Vets.  Orange, CA.  6 pm.

January 22, 2015.  Thursday.                                     UC Berkeley Alumni. Irvine Library.  6 – 8 pm.

January 23, 2015.  Friday.                                          UC Berkeley Alumni, Tustin Library.  2:30 – 4:30 pm.

January 29, 2015.  Thursday.                                     United Airlines Alumni, Yacht Club.  Loudon, TN.  Noon.

February 2, 2015.  Monday.                                       Veterans Foreign Wars, Lenoir City, TN.  6 pm.

February 12, 2015.  Thursday.                                   PEO.  Marysville, TN.  10 am.

February 28- March 1, 2015, Sat & Sun.                    Women Today Expo. Knoxville, TN  10 am – 5 pm.  

March 10, 2015.  Tuesday.                                         Le Conte Book Club, Knoxville, TN.  7 pm.

March 21, 2015.  Saturday.                                        Hangar Flyers Club, The Villages, FL.  9 am.

April 14, 2015.  Tuesday.                                            Civitan.  Calhoun’s Lenoir City, TN.  Noon.

April 15, 2015.  Wednesday.                                       Oak Ridge Book Club, Oak Ridge, TN. 

June, 2015.  Month-long.                                            Manteo, Outer Banks, NC.

August 20, 2015.  Thursday.                                       Public Library, Vonore, TN.



                  Village Concepts, LLC:  124 Chota Shores, Loudon, TN 37774    (865-657-9560) 


Bobbi Wolverton and her husband became familiar flyfishing figures after graduating from the University of California and traveling around the world.  On their eighteen-month trip, they arrived in the Middle East in 1972.  They worked in Iran, a Muslim country, for almost four months.  From there they flew to India and Nepal.  When they returned to the States, their rescued black Labrador Bahnoo, the Black Empress, was with them.  The puppy traveled across country, endured Berkeley riots, and lived on an Idaho ranch.

By the time I was 53, I thought I was all grown up. After all, I had celebrated all of life's major coming-of-age milestones: first day of school, graduations, first 'real' job, marriage, births of my children ... each duly noted with cards and flowers, maybe even balloons. But, as I discovered that fateful year, none of us are really adults until our last parent dies - and we find ourselves at the front of the line.

Publisher GJ Publishing, www.neilans.com
ISBN  978-0-9887736-0-8
Book Size                 6 x 9
Book Page Count   389
Available in:Paperback
Pricing:  Paperback: $17.00 
e-Book (Kindle):          $5.00 
e-Book (Nook):            $5.00
Neilans ~ Saying Goodbye to the Iris Lady

No one just adopts. From the very first steps of acknowledging adoption as a choice to the final document that seals the deal, Jody Cantrell Dyer paints a raw, warm, heartbreaking and eventually triumphant portrayal that narrates the entire adoption process through compassionate and humorous prose. Dyer’s candor and soul color each page of The Eye of Adoption. She directly addresses the sorrows of infertility and the demands of adoption while consistently word-weaving a life rope of assurance, humor, and optimism for her readers. A middle-aged wife, mother, and teacher, Dyer “tells it like it is” in hopes that waiting adoptive parents, birthparents, adoptees, and those close to them will find kinship through her story.

Genre: Nonfiction
Available in: paperback (6×9, 288 pages) $15.00
(paperback group order discounts available through my website http://www.jodydyer.com/)
and as a Kindle e-book $4.99

The Eye of Adoption Jody  Cantrell Dyer



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