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Journey is a fictional work about an anonymous teenager living on the fringes of society. Assigned to an alternative school, minimally functional in academics, he spends much of his time spoiling for a fight. Angry, resistant, and mistrustful, he is at first unaware of the fact that he is changing, as he begins a journey of self-examination and gains a more balanced view of himself. This book frequently uses realistic language and depicts his struggles with peers, staff members, and most of all within himself, and ends with many issues still to be resolved; Journey is about a young man’s first steps, and the fact that he realizes that he is only beginning ends the book on a hopeful note. The structure of the book was inspired by one version of the Native American Medicine Wheel. The cover art is by Karah Tull.

Available in: Paperback

Pages: 92

Price: $10.00

Jim Hartsell Journey

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