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Science Fiction / Fantasy/Paranormal

The year is 3504. The Earth has gone through massive political, scientific, and social changes during the previous 1500 years. Most of these changes occurred between 2019 and 2500. This is the first book in a series that describes how those changes happened and the effect it had on the entire population of the Earth. 
These changes can be traced back to an invention that was created in early 2019. As a result of this single invention the Earth experienced a new ear of prosperity that benefited every person living on the planet. In the years that followed countries were abolished, most diseases were cured, our dependence on fuels disappeared, and we began to explore our solar system and beyond.
ISBN: 9781519707758
Available in: paperback
Pages: 273
Size: 6x9
This book is awaiting publication and has been withdrawn from normal distribution channels. I have copies available for purchase. The cost is $15.00. There is no additional change for shipping. If you are intrested in purchasing a copy of the book please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If you would like to read an exceprt from the book please visit my website: www.russfinebooks.com


Russell Fine ~ Future World History Book 1on Author Site







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In Book 1 of this series we found out how the invention of the power module by Albert Simpson changed the Earth. It brought on an era of prosperity and scientific development unlike anything the people of Earth experienced before. The inexpensive and unlimited power that the power module provided replaced every previous form of energy. It powered our cars, homes, businesses, trucks, ships, and even airplanes. The money that was previously used to pay for energy was instead used for scientific and medical research. We quickly eliminated most known diseases and began exploring our solar system. After we developed the ability to travel to other solar systems we had our first encounter with aliens. As a result of that meeting Earth became the newest member of an interstellar trade group. Book 2 begins with the exploration of Procolt 2. The atmosphere, temperature, and gravity there were almost identical to Earth. During the exploration of Procolt 2 the first non-humanoid intelligent beings in our part of the galaxy were found. Our involvement with them enabled Earth to become the most prosperous member of the trade group in less than fifteen years.

Pages: 352

Available: Paperback

Price: $12.95

Russell Fine ~ Future World History - Book 2



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A speck of dust floats in the air, illuminated by a sunbeam. To a daydreamer like Thom Finch, that speck is an imaginary commander leading his army against an equally imaginary foe. The reality is something even Thom's fertile imagination cannot fathom. He must somehow convince himself, his family and his best friend that his sanity is intact and that what he is seeing is real. The Mu'ahi are tiny in comparison to humans - each one as small as a dust mote. Their planet is isolated in a bubble of space that is desperately bereft of resources. The survival of their race is at stake. They are scavengers searching for treasure over ten light years from home.

Available in Paperback/Kindle

Pages: 480

Dimension: 6x9

Price Paperback: $16.99 Kindle: $3.99

Tilmer Wright Jr. - Motes





This second book in the Mobis Trilogy follows Amara, the last true Senoobian, as she travels from Karyntis and lands on Nanzema with a war brewing between the hybrid Bretin and the Native Shun. It will be an epic war, a war between advanced and primitive peoples, a war that will determine the future of Nanzema. As she struggles to adapt to her new life among the Bretin, she finds herself caught up in the intrigue between rival factions while facing an old nemesis. As she tries to prove herself and gain acceptance by the Bretin, there is always the question she must answer once and for all: was her decision to leave family and friends on Karyntis and pursue a new life on Nanzema a mistake?

Paperback (300 pages 6×9) $13.99
eBook $3.99





Within Sector 3309 of the Bortuks Galaxy there are five planets that support intelligent beings: Karyntis, Peyr, Nanzema, Krees and Senoobis. In this first book of the Mobis Trilogy, Senoobis is destroyed eventually leaving only four survivors. Three bold Senoobians escape the destruction of their starship to find themselves marooned on Karyntis, known as Earth to its human inhabitants. No longer proud officers of the starship Syzilian and, without their advanced technology, they resign themselves to an austere and guarded life among the humans―some amiable and some evil. When their old enemies from Peyr show up, threatening them and the humans as well, they must figure out how to warn the humans without inviting more danger to themselves. The Last Senoobians is the fascinating story of Bayn Kener, Darz Tureesh and Jeliko Hanahban who must safeguard their most precious possession while preparing their daughter Amara and the young human Marco to survive on their own.

Available in:
paperback (6×9, 325 pages) $16.00
Ebook $ 6.95

Buy Sam Bledsoe books

Zanoba A strategic Alien Board Game by Sam Bledsoe


From another world and another time― a game like no other. Uniquely challenging . . .

Totally different. Always fun!

The quest to become the Surjee.


You’re Face to Face . . .  The Pressure’s On . . .

Let the Fun Begin!


A radically new board game for players who enjoy the challenge of face-to-face competition―a futuristic strategy game with a science fiction twist.

For two players ages 12 and up. Playing time: about 30 minutes.

Designed for tournament play by teams of two to four players.


Zanoba’s unique qualification system ranks players by class. Players can challenge each other and, by winning, advance to the next level.

There will be tremendous pressure and lots of strategy as the smartest players compete for the title of Surgee (the Senoobian Top Gun).


Board size:  15½ X 15½


Available January 2016


Go to  www.sector3309.com for more information or to order your copy.

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