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A retired Human Resources/Training professional, Gale is a fifth generation Floridian currently living in Knoxville, Tennessee. She has been married for 50 years to her incredibly supportive, understanding and patient husband, Dave Hickman. They have two amazing sons, one awesome daughter-in-law and one phenomenal grandson. Gale and her husband enjoy outdoor activities such as golf, hiking and fishing.  They are also artisan craftsmen – Gale creates polymer clay sculptures and Dave is an artistic wood turner.

Gale felt the call to write the true-life story of a miraculous event that her husband experienced in 1955 when, at age 14, while hunting with his grandfather, he found an abandoned baby in the woods of Indiana. His decades-long search to locate her again resulted in their emotional reunion in 2104, which was broadcast world-wide on the CBS This Morning”show. Additionally, CBS posted the video on YouTube and the story of their reunion went “viral,” as they say. Soon Gale and her husband were receiving responses from  Individuals from all over the world expressing interest in knowing more about his decades-long search, the reunion and  their personal life.

It took two years to write“And the Angel Cried – the Miraculous Story of an Abandoned Baby in 1955.” Looking back on the events that occurred during the search for “Baby Roseann” was an extremely emotional time in their lives...the agony of encountering one brick wall after another, one door closing, another opening and increasing suspicions of a cover-up in Dave's home town. Anyone who values life will cherish this story. Those who believe, or want to believe, in Divine Intervention will be brought to their knees!

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27 April 2017

Try as he might, Dave Hickman could never push away the hideous memories of that day, September 22, 1955. They haunted him for fifty-eight years before he finally found some closure. He was just fourteen years old at the time, too young to have witnessed such an evil act upon another human being. Although it was cold and rainy that day, Dave never turned down a chance to hunt in the woods with his grandfather – that decision changed his life forever. It was the day he found an infant girl cruelly abandoned in the woods – 6:00 pm, just as the evening was coming softly with the sunset, bringing the promise of a new dawn.

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07 April 2017

Overwhelming 5 star Amazon review of  "And the Angel Cried" from Jennifer - this is the mission of my book - to touch the hearts of the people who read the story and to make a difference in their lives......

out of 5 stars

His life was a constant reminder of Divine intervention

on April 6, 2017
Format: Paperback
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06 April 2017

On September 22, 1955, while hunting with his grandfather, Dave Hickman heard a noise in the woods – what he found there would change his life forever. Feeling compelled to find out what was making the noise, Dave walked approximately 120 yards alongside a barbed-wire fence line before he stopped and climbed a fence post to go into the woods. What his eyes saw next was shocking – someone had thrown a newborn baby girl into the cold, damp woods. She would have surely died that day had the hand of God not led the fourteen year old hunter to her intended grave site. After a fifty eight year search to find her again, Dave was reunited with Ellen on May 4, 2014 in Richmond, Indiana. On May 5th, he recreated his long walk along the fence line to show her the spot where she was found.

See the CBS footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjNjmIPIEF8&t=54s

and more at www.andtheangelcried.com

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06 April 2017

What an amazingly inspirational story! To think that this is a true story, that this really happened. In today's world full of horrific news headlines - murder, abductions, rape, natural disasters and terrorism there comes this story of hope and love. It's just amazing!

Read the full review https://wall-to-wall-books.blogspot.com/2016/09/and-angel-cried-miracle-of-abandoned.html



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02 March 2017
Short Stories

He cried out “God, please help me understand!” as he lay in bed that night. How could someone be so heartless, throwing away a member of the human family like garbage, leaving her in a field to freeze, starve or become an animal’s next meal? Dave Hickman had never witnessed such evil before. As his body trembled in response to the memories of that day, the questions wouldn’t stop.

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13 February 2017

Readers will envision the emotions of a 14 year old boy as he tries to comprehend the tragic circumstances of the attempted murder of a newborn baby. Throughout the book, Dave’s 58 year search for the missing child intertwines with his personal family life. The story unpacks the struggles that Dave’s family faced with autism, poverty and divorce. It travels through Richmond’s history as the city where the first motion picture was viewed in the late 1800’s, and how the city became the focal point of the hot jazz revolution and center for audio recordings during the early 1900’s. Readers will learn of a love story that began in 1917, the year the United States declared war on the German Empire. They will read with compassion the story of sacrifices made for the sake of survival during the Great Depression of 1929. As you are drawn deeper into the story, you can imagine yourself growing up in the quieter, gentler times of the 1940’s. 

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